2015 · JOOLS

one comedy which adapted from a true story


I found a Korean comedy called <Lifting King Kong> which adapted from a true story. The original story is about a weight lifter who got a bronze medal in1988 Seoul Olympic Games, but he had to give up his sports career because of his illness. He became a coach after that, and trained a rural girl to be a weight lifting champion successfully.

I think people love this kind of story because they have heard about the story, and some of them would be very curious about what would happen in this film and what kind of difference the director may cause. Besides, because the story has already existed, so when they watch this movie, they can caught the point of the movie and feel the same emotion as the character.


Lifting King Kong[online] Available from <http://asianwiki.com/Lifting_King_Kong > [25 November 2015]

Boffa,D. (2015) ‘A review of “Lifting King Kong”: Korean weightlifting and cinematic glory’ Decadence and Depravity [online] Available from <http://thehumancircus.hookgrip.com/a-review-of-lifting-king-kong-korean-weightlifting-and-cinematic-glory/ >[25 November 2015]


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